About the book...
Sunday Best is a collection of brief visits with creativity (some poems and short plays are also included). An assortment of works throwing bits of insight into what makes us all tick or ticklish.

There are pieces simply to delight you... while others may hold up an uncomfortable mirror to our own actions. There are even a few stories which contain a concrete 'moral' but it is never exactly what the reader is expecting.

About the author...
N. Barry Carver is an actor and filmmaker but has also served as everything from a French-Fry Wrangler to a Network News Producer and Reporter. Born in Detroit he has lived in Rock Island, IL., Salt Lake City, Heidelberg, Germany and even the wilds of Springfield, Oregon and Fresno, California.

Carver's previous projects include several films, feature stories for the news, a radio quiz show, a late night talk show pilot and a couple of screenplays. Sunday Best is his first book.

He presently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, a phalanx of squirrels... and a baby boy that joined them in June of 2002 - where they are doing their level best to live happily ever after.
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Here are a few excerpts to give a taste of what the book has to offer: